72-year-old Eliza** was taken in by her friends because she was escaping an abusive relationship. She had been sleeping on her friend’s couch for two years and needed to find a place of her own as her friends can longer support her. Her husband has not been paying her support, and she lives on an extremely low income and a small amount of disability.  She is at risk of ending up on the street. Her friend is working hard to help her find a place, but they have been unsuccessful so far. A gift of Temporary Housing Necessities will help her find housing navigation services, a temporary home, and necessities to ensure she is safe until she transitions to a permanent home.

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Andrew** at the age of 64, worked part-time and received disability through the ministry. He ended up in the hospital due to medical reasons and was no longer able to work upon discharge.  Through SSSBC, he qualified for “The Homeless Prevention Program,” where he was eligible for a rent subsidy program enabling him to pay his rent on time, manage his other expenses, and live independently with proper supports during his recovery. This year, Andrew turned 65 and although he now receives a pension, he still finds it difficult to make ends meet in the Lower Mainland rental market.  Andrew often has to decide between paying rent, eating, or buying medications that are not covered by MSP.  A gift of groceries and medicines can help Andrew keep his home and age in place.

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Estelle** is living with a meager income. Her husband passed away a year ago, and she is on her own.  She was renting a condo, but it was sold, and she had to leave her home of many years.  With unaffordable rentals and little time, she had nowhere to go.  SSSBC helped Estelle navigate the Vancouver housing market, find helpful subsidies and new accommodation.  Her lower income and high rent make it difficult to manage her monthly living expenses, including groceries, especially during the holidays.  A holiday meal can brighten Estelle’s holiday.

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(**Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients)