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What are the different type of Seniors’ Housing?
Are You a housing provider who would like to be listed in the Seniors Housing Directory of BC?
My mother lives alone and has fallen in the past, I would like to install a personal alarm system, who offers them?
I would like to stay in my own home but find cooking to be a problem, who can I contact for Meals on Wheels?
My mother is going into an Assisted Living facility. Who is responsible for making sure they are safe?
I need to modify my home to accommodate my new wheelchair who will help?
Who do I call if I think I cannot pay my rent?
I want to know more about Assisted Living and Long Term Care, should I get on the wait list now?
I/my partner is a veteran who can I contact to find out if I am entitled to any benefits?
Where do I go to apply for my Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) pension?
How do I refer a New Westminster senior (60+) to Seniors Services Society’s Support Services programs?
How can I get a bus pass?
Who do I call if I think I need some help at home with personal care?