For over 20 years, Judy has called New Westminster home, dedicating over four decades of her life to working at a local department store. Despite the challenges of living alone with her family thousands of miles away, Judy’s resilience and determination shine bright.

In March 2022, Judy reached out to the Seniors Services Society of BC seeking support for grocery shopping and regular support calls. Living with the pain of gout and facing physical limitations, including navigating stairs without an elevator in her apartment building, Judy’s safety and well-being were at risk.

Thanks to the compassionate support of our community, including dedicated volunteers and advocates, Judy’s story took a turn for the better. SSSBC form filling and tax volunteers helped her fill out the necessary paperwork, ensuring she received the income assistance she needed. Despite initially being considered a low priority due to already having housing, our team recognized the urgency of her situation when we received her initial call for help.

Once her income was stabilized, friendly support calls played a crucial role in alleviating her loneliness, providing comfort and companionship during challenging times. Though Judy still faces physical limitations, her emotional and mental state has significantly improved since moving to an appropriate senior’s low-income housing complex. There, she has made many friends, including an old co-worker from her previous workplace, who works at the cafeteria!

Despite being too shy to participate in karaoke, Judy loves the community activities offered, particularly bingo. Today, she is happy in her new housing, enjoying the safety and camaraderie of her community.

We cannot do this alone. Your donation can help us continue to support seniors like Judy, ensuring they have access to the resources and companionship they need to thrive. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of seniors in our community.

Donate today and be a part of Judy’s journey toward a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for your generosity and support!