Seniors Services Society of BC, along with a group of dedicated partners, have launched the Seniors Housing Stability Solutions Lab, otherwise referred to as the Seniors Housing Lab, to generate solutions to enable low income senior renters in multi-unit buildings to retain their housing, age in the right place and thrive.

The four action-oriented workshops will lead participants through a process to frame the challenges and opportunities in this space, develop skills and tools to move to action, and build concrete projects that will address housing instability among senior renters. The robust partnership approach will lead participants beyond a generative dialogue to tangible ideas and solutions for change. To learn more, read our Summary Report Seniors Housing Lab 2019 Summary Report and our Seniors Housing Lab Challenge Brief.

Watch and learn about seniors’ housing challenges and viable solutions.

Our Webinars:
ECOH Webinar- Low Income Seniors Housing
ECOH-CODEL-COVID19 Navigating the intersection of housing and services for low-income senior renters

Explore our blog posts for Workshop #1, Workshop #2, and Workshop #3.

Our Partners: