SHINE (Seniors Housing and Information Navigation Ease) Program in collaboration with the Temporary Housing Program (THP)
November 2024

Meet Randall**, a 64-year-old resident of Vancouver, facing the threat of homelessness due to an eviction notice from his landlord amidst property redevelopment. Despite his formal appeal, the case proved unsuccessful. On disability and a low, fixed income, Randall could not afford market rent and spent many nights on a friend’s couch. Randall sought help from a Vancouver non-profit in his local area, which referred him to our SHINE Seniors Housing Navigator at the Seniors Services Society of BC. With the clock ticking and options seemingly limited, the SHINE program stepped in to help.

The Seniors Housing Navigator conducted an intake, recognizing the urgency of Randall’s case, and referred him to our Temporary Housing Program (THP). In October, through the coordinated efforts of SHINE and THP, Randall found refuge in temporary housing. During this challenging period, THP not only offered him a senior’s appropriate furnished apartment but also a chance to search for his housing, stabilize his finances and apply for CPP and a SAFER subsidy so he can be ready for his permanent home. During his time with THP, Randall made the heartbreaking decision to give up his companion pet cat to a close friend so that he could open up his housing options, emphasizing the fundamental importance of prioritizing a roof over his head.

His story is a testament to the difficulties faced by many seniors who rent in the Vancouver housing market who are challenged with evictions and forced to make difficult decisions to prioritize their basic needs. In Late December, the Housing Manager at SSSBC shared promising news – Randall will soon transition into a new, pet-friendly building in Vancouver, bringing his beloved cat back from a friend’s place–a huge surprise and a gift.

Beyond finding housing, SHINE is about restoring dignity, hope, and stability to seniors like Randall. Please join us in helping seniors find the support they need to age in place. Your ongoing support makes these life-changing stories possible. Together, we make a difference in the lives of those facing housing challenges. Give a generous gift today!

**Names have been changed to protect the identity of our client.