Integrated Services Program: Esther’s Story

Seniors Services Society of BC Integrated Services Program offers meal delivery, light housekeeping, local shuttle services, and digital literacy classes to support seniors’ independence and well-being, helping them age in place.

Esther** lives in an apartment building that pilots the Integrated Services Program (ISP) and participates in the Friendly Support Call program provided by the Seniors Services Society of BC. Esther loves receiving her weekly calls. Over time, her volunteer noticed a change in her mood and learned that Esther had been diagnosed with a tumor and was undergoing several painful medical tests. During their weekly conversations, our volunteer also discovered that Esther, who enjoys her independence, was unable to do her grocery shopping because her scooter wasn’t working. Esther expressed her frustration by saying, “If only my scooter was working, I could do these things by myself rather than depending on others.”

The volunteer immediately brought this matter to the ISP Coordinator’s attention. With Esther’s permission, the coordinator called the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction to determine if she qualified for free scooter repair. She connected Esther with an authorized scooter repair company that assessed the damage and submitted an estimate for the repair work to the ministry. Within two weeks, Esther’s scooter was repaired and she was thrilled to regain her independence.

In truth, Esther needs more than just a scooter repair. The ISP coordinator continues to stay in touch with her to ensure she is supported. Recently, Esther informed her that the taxi fares for her medical appointments were costing her too much. The coordinator is now working with Ester to refer her to TransLink’s HandyDART and taxi voucher program. In the meantime, we connected Esther to our Medical Transportation services offered through the Better at Home Program.

Without SSSBC’s Integrated Service Program, Esther would have struggled to remain independent and connect to the appropriate support programs she needed. Seniors participating in ISP regularly engage with the Program Coordinator to help them navigate local services and provide them with opportunities to continue their normal daily activities, actively participate in their lives, and successfully age in place.

**A fictional name has been used to protect the identity of our clients.

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