Course includes:

● Understanding aging and how it relates to housing needs
● Types of housing for seniors: subsidized rentals, assisted living and long-term care,
● Housing resources for seniors: BC Housing Registry and SAFER
● Seniors housing referrals including government and community resources, services and agencies
● Communication and counselling skills including client intake
● The Seniors Housing Directory of BC
● Income, pensions and subsidies for Seniors
● Tours of housing for seniors

There is an application process in place to ensure this course is being effectively utilized by individuals working directly with seniors needing housing support. Social workers, shelter and outreach workers, information and referral volunteers and other front-line workers interfacing with seniors needing housing support on a regular basis will be prioritized and would especially benefit from this course.

The course fee is $150.00 for 6 classes, 4 hours each class, with a total of 24 hours of class time. Light refreshments will be provided.

Registration Link for Spring HNT available now.