The ABCs of Navigation: Frank’s Story of Abuse, Betrayal, and Crisis

Meet Frank**, a 73-year-old member of an ethnic minority community who sought our assistance in January 2023. His heartbreaking journey speaks volumes about the challenges faced by vulnerable seniors in our society.

Frank had been living with his elder brother for many years, providing mutual support and companionship. However, his brother’s sudden decline in physical and mental health led to a series of unfortunate events. When his brother’s daughters, holding power of attorney, took control of the house and served Frank with a notice to vacate, he was devastated.

Amidst the turmoil, Frank faced verbal abuse and threats from his own family. His niece, acting with a lack of empathy, even changed the locks and left him stranded in the rain, homeless and without access to his belongings. Desperation set in as he contacted our Housing Navigator.

Our Navigator, providing immediate support, advised Frank to involve the non-emergency police. With their intervention, he regained access to his home and was spared the harsh realities of sleeping on the streets. The RCMP, recognizing the gravity of the situation, compelled the family to provide temporary shelter for Frank.

For the next three months, our dedicated outreach worker worked with Frank to secure permanent housing. Two housing providers offered him low-rent subsidized options, allowing him to choose a seniors’ housing community that best suited his needs. SSSBC stepped in, covering moving costs and assisting with the damage deposit, while Frank used his limited funds to secure basic household items.

Now comfortably settled in his new home since April, Frank has seamlessly integrated into his community, accessing available resources. With monthly rental subsidies and an assessment for better at-home services, he is not only surviving but thriving.

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**Names have been changed to protect the identity of our client.