78-year-old Nayla** did not expect to become a widow at 30. With remarkable resilience and an abundance of ‘spunk’, Nayla successfully immigrated to Canada from Kenya, single-handedly raised two daughters, and enjoyed a lifelong career in real estate and fashion design. She even found time to “give a lot of me to everyone” by volunteering for 35 years at a non-profit that serves those with physical disabilities.

Nayla was first introduced to the Seniors Services Society of BC (SSSBC) when she fell on hard times. SSSBC provided her with housing navigation services to help her remain permanently housed and resources to ensure she received necessities.

Recently, Nayla sustained a severe neck injury, requiring surgery to place a steel rod in her spine to “hold everything together.” She received more devasting news that she was diagnosed with cancer. While recovering from surgery and chemo treatments, Nayla sought assistance such as medical transportation, meal deliveries, and light housekeeping from our Better at Home program. With perseverance and medical intervention, Nayla has been in remission for nearly two years. She is incredibly grateful for the support programs and dedicated staff that gave her independence so that her daughters did not have to worry about her.

Without the Seniors Services Society of BC, Nayla would have struggled to find the support she needed while recovering from multiple health conditions.

Nayla truly felt the impact that Support Services made in her life. She has recently moved out of New Westminster and is disheartened to learn that SSSBC’s programs will no longer be available to her. Rest assured our staff will connect Nayla to local seniors programs in her new home.

Last year, SSSBC assisted over 800 local seniors aged 60+ with services critical to supporting independence and aging in place. Better at Home is funded through United Way of BC and delivered by SSSBC.

**A fictional name has been used to protect the identity of our clients.

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