SHINE: Learning and Glowing

SHINE (Seniors Housing Information and Navigation Ease) partner navigators and their supervisors come together every third Tuesday of the month for a collaborative learning session, providing a platform for growth and shared expertise. Hosted by SSSBC SHINE Navigation Lead, these sessions have proven to be a catalyst for positive change within the community. They often feature guest speakers from various organizations, touching on topics relevant to the group’s interests and concerns.

Recent guest speakers have included representatives from Seniors First BC, Moving Forward Family Services, and Westminster House Society. The gatherings also incorporate real-world navigation scenarios drawn from the daily work of the SHINE team, always ensuring the utmost protection of client privacy. This approach encourages constructive discussions and collective learning opportunities.

One of the core benefits of these meetings is the exchange of knowledge and experience between newer and more senior Navigators. Newcomers to the field gain insights into the available resources and learn from the expertise of their more experienced colleagues, especially when managing complex cases.

SHINE Success Story:
The impact of these collaborative sessions is exemplified by the recent success story involving an 87-year-old woman from Vancouver Island who embarked on a journey to the lower mainland in search of housing. This courageous individual had previously resided on Vancouver Island, but after her partner’s passing, she found herself in a precarious housing situation.

The rent for her Vancouver Island home had become unaffordable, and her landlord had asked her to vacate the premises for personal use of the property. Despite the daunting challenges she faced, she could not secure alternative housing within the limited time available.

Desperate to find a solution, she made the decision to drive to Vancouver in hopes of finding housing there. She initially spent a few nights in a local hotel but quickly realized it was too expensive for her limited budget. Determined to find a more sustainable solution, she resorted to sleeping in her car.

During this challenging period, a compassionate Navigator from Beacon Community Services, a SHINE partner agency in Sidney, reached out to SSSBC for assistance. They recommended that she visit a local drop-in center in New Westminster for a meal and a shower. The organization offering these services also provided shelter and outreach assistance. As a result, the senior woman is now connected to the right resources that can significantly improve her housing search efforts.

This heartwarming story is just one example of the positive outcomes achieved through the collaborative efforts of SHINE’s partner navigators and supervisors. The group’s dedication to improving the lives of seniors in need is making a profound difference, one success story at a time.

SHINE continues to serve as a beacon of hope and support for seniors throughout British Columbia, demonstrating the power of collective learning and community engagement in making a meaningful impact on the lives of those it serves.