A concerned landlord called SSSBC.  His 80-year-old tenant, Ray**, had not paid rent in 3 months. Our front desk made a home health referral and learned that due to cognitive issues, Ray did not file his taxes causing his GIS income to end rendering him ineligible for a rent supplement to pay his landlord.

Housing Navigator negotiated with Service Canada to reinstate Ray’s GIS income while connecting him to an SSSBC Income Tax Volunteer to pay his back taxes.

Within 3 days, Ray’s taxes had been paid and GIS reinstated. A mere two days later, Ray received supplementary rent to pay back the landlord.

If it weren’t for the landlord, Ray would have spent his 80th birthday evicted and in a homeless shelter.

Ray has come to realize that he will eventually need to live in a care home and has been placed on a waiting list. Until that day comes, he can afford his rent, remain in his community, and stay connected to supports so he can live independently.

25% of Metro Vancouver’s homeless population are seniors. Your generous donation to our Housing Programs helps seniors like Ray navigate housing options and appropriate support services so they avoid shelters and live independently. Learn more and donate today at www.seniorsservicessociety.ca/donate.

**A fictional name has been used to protect the identity of our clients.

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