Consultation on Ageism: Addressing the Social and Economic Impacts of Ageism Canada

On Nov. 8, 2022 Seniors Services Society of BC hosted 26 attendees at our 1st Annual Consultation on Ageism at the Century House Seniors Centre in New Westminster, BC.

The World Health Organization defines ageism as “the stereotypes (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act) towards others or oneself based on age.”

The goal of the consultation was to gather insights and perceptions on the impacts of ageism, hear about individual experiences with ageism, and gather ideas for solutions. Participants discussed several topics ranging from employment and health care to social inclusion and safety. Discussion questions included:

1. What are the most significant ageism issues related to each of the themes?

2. What impacts has the COVID-19 pandemic had on ageism in each of the themes?

3. What efforts are currently working to address ageism related to each of the themes?

4. What more could be done (e.g. new strategies, initiatives, or programs) to best address ageism related to each of the themes, and who should be involved?

Participants included organizations representing and/or supporting older adults such as advocacy organizations, senior centers, community services, and volunteers who offer peer support and information & referral.

Attendees remarked that they appreciated having diverse perspectives in the ageism dialogue and that the mix of younger people working in the sector and older people working/volunteering with peers made for interesting discussions.

Most agreed that ageism was an important topic, which the consultation reinforced and they hoped to continue to move the conversation forward.  For more information on Ageism, please see our blog post.