Choose to Move is a free and flexible program that provides older adults with the motivation and support to become more active. Choose to Move can help seniors integrate activity into their daily routine, meet new friends, and make a positive change! Choose to Move is great for older adults who want to become active, regardless of ability.

“Being active is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your overall health. Being active can help you feel better, look better and live longer. That’s why Choose to Move was developed. It’s a science-based approach to help you introduce the habit of physical activity into your daily life in ways that make sense for you.”

SSSBC in partnership with Fair Haven Seniors Homes provided Choose to Move to residents in their building.  Participants enjoyed a fan dance and received certificates of completion after a three-month-long program that increased their physical activity and gave them an opportunity to make new friends!

Choose to Move Works!
– Get motivated and stay motivated
– Feel more energetic
– Get support to be more physically active
– Take steps toward your fitness goals (ie. weight loss, flexibility, strength)
– Choose activities that you like
– Learn how to fit activity into your daily routine
– Stay accountable to your plan
– Meet new people and have fun!

Join Today!

Give a gift today. Participation in programs like Choose to Move is a gift to a vulnerable senior.