In 2019 an elderly couple renting the top floor of a house were astonished to find out not only had the house been sold without their knowledge, the new landlord wanted to “demo-vict” them: eviction for the purpose of demolishing and rebuilding.

Unsure of what to do and faced with the prospect of becoming homeless, the couple came to the Seniors Services Society of BC, where our Seniors Housing Outreach Worker began providing them with information on their rights as tenants, as the new landlord was failing to comply with BC tenancy law on several fronts, including providing demolition permits to prove he intended to tear down the house and
rebuild, not just turn around and rent the house to someone else at higher rate. She also began helping the couple explore other housing options as it quickly became clear that regardless of any legal resolution, they would be unwelcome in the house they’d lived in
for over twenty years.

With our Outreach Worker’s assistance, the couple has managed to secure a new, affordable apartment in an area of their choosing. Our Outreach Team continues to advocate for them, ensuring that they will be allowed to stay in their current residence until the apartment is ready for occupation. It has not been an easy summer or fall for the couple, however with Ana’s determination and support, they can rest assured knowing they’ll soon be safely and securely in their new home.